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CCleaner 1.23 Released


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Yup it's out....


Download it from filehippo or the main site.



- Options section now remembers the last tab.

- Fixed progress bar inconsistency when switching

between modes.

- Fixed bug in Temp file cleaning, where a file

could be included twice in the analysis.

- Added "Save to Text File..." to Uninstall list.

- Added right-click menu to Uninstall list.

- Fixed bug in Startup folder item deletion.

- Updated Quicktime Player 7.0 cleaning.

- Improved error messages with custom INI files.

- Updated RAM detection to support >2GB.

- Updated Installer engine.

- Added a Greek translation.

- Updated Dutch translation.

- Minor display tweaks.

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Very nice MrG keep up the GREAT work. CCleaner has my vote for best free software.


When you say "Updated RAM detection to support >2GB." i am assuming your are talking about the information it displays about your computer on the top bar. If so i don't get it because i have 2Gb of ram and since the first time i starting using CCleaner it has always displayed my 2Gb of ram there so how is that a update?

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Hey MrG,


First, thanks for making and maintaining such an awesome program! It really has made the lifes of SO MANY alot easier. Just think of how many computers you've helped keep maintained!


I do have two questions though:

- Do you have any plans on allowing CC to go through the WHOLE PC, ie: other users etc..? My user account is always kept clean with CC, its actually addictive... But if I go to another user account, say a family members and check theirs, I can easily pull 1gig of stuff cleaned by CC.


- Do you plan on advancing the registry cleaner and its abilities / scans etc..?


Thanks again!


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