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Defraggler file map


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Hi guys/gals.


Now I've only been using Defraggler a couple of weeks on my new computer. I used it on my old one but it never finish it always crashes my machine. That isn't the main problem in this topic. When I run it on my machine the file map which is the layout of all the files on the drive looks pretty compact no problem. When I install Defraggler on a friends machines the file map is like a colander files scatter all over the place. After I do a defrag the file map doesn't change that much. I've always thought that Windows Defrag removes all the empty spaces and puts all the files together. Thats how its worked on every good operating system before Win2k/XP.


Any suggestions why it doesn't do a full defrag? ;)



Windows XP 2002 SP3

IE 7.0




Rorshach112 is the best

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Perhaps there is not enough free space on the drive for the temporary locations a defragger needs?


What Windows is it? Did you try running the Windows Defrag?

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