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Need a bit help on my subwoofer


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Hi everyone.


I've just got this Logitech speakers for my computer, but I have a question: Is there a way to turn down (or mute if I have to) the bass that the subwoofer is producing? It seems like that the whole house could hear it (didn't expect that subwoofer to be that powerful). I turn the bass volume nob behind the subwoofer to zero, and it still have the bass get in out of the room. If I turn down the volum on the teskbar on my computer, then I couldn't hear anything. Is there a way or a software that can trun down only the subwoofer and not the other 5 speakers?


Sorry about the Multiposting, I accidently click the post.. button three times, please delete them (or can I delte them)

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Did the Logitech come with any software?


Also check Volume Control for Bass settings under Advanced.





None, not even with a manual. Logitech stops shipping manuals those in the box.


I can not find bass under the Properties in Volume control. There is a option called "subwoofer". I clicked the "mute" button under it but it doesn't seem to do anything.


Edited: Actually after I've restarted my computer I went to the advance setting again, and I see the "Bassboot" option. I can drag the thing and the bass volume decresed, but it cannot be muted. So I guess that's the best I can do?

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