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:( CCleaner Tools- No Longer Quick Jump by Software first Letter

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to the current version of ccleaner version 2.22.968


in recent past versions, the ccleaner, in the Tools (=uninstall) section, had support for typing the

first letter of the software from the software list, and the ccleaner will quick jump the the first (and next) value

according what you have typed,


for example, 'M'

will send you direct the the first program started with M (for example Microsoft .Net 2.0 Service Pack 2).


Sadly this is no longer working... possibly a bug,

this simple list behaviur has huge time-saving potential (along with a high satisfaction ratio of work fast done),

also since the font in the Tools (the uninstall section), can't be customise, and some times its (yes to me..) too #*#*# small, the quick jump did benefit me very much...



I'm all hope the nice, S I M P L E and E A S Y to program feature will soon be fixed !


please join me with responds if you feel the same :)



Elad Karako

.Net Developer


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