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LG GSA4163 16X DVD Dual Layer R/RW/RAM software ?


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I have just bought and install a LG GSA4163 16X DVD Dual Layer R/RW/RAM and it works great the problem of not being able to write DVD's in the latest nero has gone but every time i start my pc it says something like the software is missing or something like that. As i said tho every works great with it so how come it keeps saying it?

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I have the same DVD drive updated the filmware to A105 few weeks ago seem to be working fine. I also have nero latest version but I usually burn my disk with Ashampoo Burn Studio 5 http://www.ashampoo.com/ It's has a free trial plus you can make an offer on the software gave $15 for mine and have been using it about a year now works with about 1800 different drive at the moment. Also if the program has an error you can email a report directly to the tec. support only had one when I first installed it got the fix the very next day no problems since. Any info I can give you on my LG Drive just let me know Ron. :rolleyes:

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Thanks res45 but i had to install my pc for other reason one thing to come out of it tho was that my drive works fine with no errors. However when i did have a problem i did try to upgrade the firmware but could not find the page to download it from, could i have the link you got yours from if you still have it, cheers.

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