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Detailed Results' Panel column position

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I have downloaded CCleaner 2.22.968. Thanks for the improvements.


Looking at the "Detailed Results' Panel", right now the first column to the left is "Description", and then there is the "Size" column.


I would like to suggest adding the possibility to move (drag) the columns, so the user could change their positions, "Size" to the left, and then "Description" to the right.


This kind of display is simpler to read, since the width of the "size" column is significantly shorter and less variable than the width of the "description" column.


While exporting the results to a txt file, it is easier, both to read it and to convert it to a csv file, when the columns' widths are fixed; so positioning the "description" column as the LAST one (from left to right) is the best way to get this done.


I hope I was clear enough. Thank you in advance.

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