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Recuva flunked data recovery on a laptop!

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I am a bit disappointed in Recuva!


It failed on a laptop recovery job. Handy Recovery was able to pull off the job though!

The laptop had "lost" the NTFS partition but Handy Recovery was able to scan for & present these for recovery purposes!

In addition, Handy Recovery seems able to strip all password protection off "protected" XP or Vista logins.


This is way cool because some people forget, or can't access their "dead" drive due to corrupted software...


Recuva can do well on drives it recognizes, but what about on drives it CAN'T see the partition?


Is it possible to add the ability to scan for deleted or lost partitions & then run the recovery on the selected partition?

Also, can you add the ability to strip password encryption from "locked" user accounts like in Handy Recovery?


This is very important for me, as I HAVE to be able to recover files for people who otherwise would be locked out of their

own machines due to malware infestations or viruses, or even older windows installs that "conk" out on them, leaving them with

no way to access their data!


I look forward to your replies & I do check out every update you all make!

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