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Phantom Drive


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I've suddenly noticed a what I call a phantom drive on the PC. I just noticed it a few days ago when I moving some stuff around.

It doesn't show up in Disk Management, there is no USB drives plugged in, and as you can see the properties show it as a RAW drive.

Anyone got some idea how I can get rid of it and free up the "G" allocation.



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I wonder if you have some sort of Image Backup software like Macrium Reflect, which enables you to mount that Backup Image as a drive, to enable it to be explored and copied from/to like a normal drive.


I've just mounted my Image Backup as Drive L, and it comes up the same as yours ... "Local Disk", although it doesn't show up as "Raw".




The possibility is that it was mounted, but wasn't later "detached" when finished with.


A long shot, but worth a mention.

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