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Firefox 3.5 security hole


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interesting article..hackers always find a hole..and don't forget today microsoft release a patch for ie

bet firefox developers gotta know about this already..i tried 3.5 for 4 days,,didn't like,it crash several times.

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Disabling JIT will roll back your FF 3.5 speed to previous version (3.0).It will decrease JS performance.Beside, it will also block updating issue to next version FF (3.5.1 ;3.6 etc)

IMO, only recommended as temporary security measure.


I found useful article regarding security measurement in browsers at US-Cert


at last, for those concern about security ,run FF in safe mode. :lol:

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I used to love Etch a Sketch. Shows my age I know, but I loved it .

It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. P. G. Wodehouse

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