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Update Firefox icon in CCleaner to the latest!

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No, it's definitely different.


Darker, more depth & detail.


Comparison [have both installed, since I beta tested!]








Definitely worth changing the icon in the next release!



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Could be done. Lol


But we use this software for what? 5 seconds? around 4 - 5 times a day.


Makes no difference. But yes, for FF Die Hards it does! :)

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Indeed it does!


And that's who I am!!!


BTW: The icon is a little blurry as is anyway...


Also, I use CCleaner [sometimes] more than 4-5 times a day!





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Ah yes so it is different. But when do you even see the FF icon? Unless you are 'changing your settings every clean i cant see how you ever see it?


have you sat there looking for things to pic at :lol: only joking.


Im sure they will get arond to it one day. I cant see it being there highest priority

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