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PC clock keeps gaining time


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The clock on my daughter's pc keeps gaining time, even after I sync it with atomic clock.  I reset it yesterday, today it's now 8 minutes fast.  Any ideas?





Probably the battery on the motherboard, normally a CR2032, when it is getting to the point where it needs replacing you will often notice that the time on the clock either gains or loses time.


Change it before it is too late because it supplies the memory to your BIOS.

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Just take the side cover off, (normally the left cover as you look at the front of the PC).


Look at the motherboard, you will see the battery, remove it whilst the PC is turned off, check the number on it, replace it, go and buy one, then remove it again, put the new one in and your problem should be solved.


The make of the PC does not matter, the same applies to all.

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