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Google Operating System


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The following is from the NY Times news alert that was e-mailed to me this morning.


Google Plans to Introduce a PC Operating System


In a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google is expected to

announce on Wednesday that it is developing an operating

system for a personal computer based on its Chrome browser,

according to two people briefed on Google's plans.


The move would sharpen the already intense competition

between Google and Microsoft, whose Windows operating system

controls the basic functions of the vast majority of personal


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Google Inc is hoping to gain greater control over how personal computers work by developing a free operating system that will attack Microsoft Corp's golden goose - its long-dominant Windows franchise.


The new operating system will be based on Google's nine-month-old web browser, Chrome. Google intends to rely on help from the community of open-source programmers to develop the Chrome operating system, which is expected to begin running computers in the second half of 2010.


The early versions of the Chrome operating system will be tailored for netbooks, a breed of low-cost, less powerful laptop computers that are becoming increasingly popular among budget-conscious consumers primarily interested in surfing the web.


That is a direct challenge to Microsoft, whose next operating system, Windows 7, is being geared for netbooks as well as larger computers.


The vast majority of netbooks already run on Windows, and that is unlikely to change unless Google can demonstrate the Chrome operating system is a significant improvement, said Forrester Research analyst Paul Jackson.



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I just hope it's good and can at least run Windows-based programs, and I will undoubtedly give it a whirl.

Same here. It's an intriguing project, especially being based on the Linux kernel. I'll be very interested in see what the GUI looks like.

Dell Latitude D600

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1



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