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40 MBytes junk after optimising registry


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After using NTREGOPT to optimise the registry, and the system reboots, what looks like 40 MBytes of old registry backup/temp files are created in 7 different folders on Windows XP Home edition SP3


The attached file lists each redundant item.



The attached *.txt file can be renamed as *.BAT.



When RegOptFIX.Bat is run it creates 3 LOG FILES :-

RegOptFIX_C_TO_ZAP.LOG, showing temp/backup stuff deemed worthy of zapping;

RegOptFIX_C_SUM.LOG, showing the entire contents of the 7 folders to show context and confirm later version of the "zap" stuff";

RegOptFIX_C_VALID_.LOG, the contents of the 7 folders that are considered valid, i.e. excluding the zap stuff.

After it has run and created the 3 lists, it offers the choice of whether or not to delete the junk.


After NTREGOPT reboots, the backup stuff exists and does not seem to go away until I zap them.

I leave the backup stuff for a day, and if everything is fine on the next reboot then I zapp the junk.


NB I have never had a reboot problem,

and if I did I expect to fully recover by restoring the previous ERUNT registry backup.

I am pretty sure that the registry backup stuff made by XP will be almost useless,

I am sure that there would be permisions and Access Control List aggravations to overcome before I could over-write the latest registry files with the "backups".






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I can confirm that CCleaner is unable to fully deal with ERUNT restorations, and NTREGOPT backups - even after making a winapp2.ini entry for them it still horrible misses those .bak's, etc.

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