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No! And if I did the translation the whole of France would laugh me to death.


You misunderstood my first post, I was merely trying to translate your first post so that English speaking members could understand what you had wrote, as it seemed significant and important.

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:) Bonjour ? tous


Ma traduction du fichier d'aide de CCleaner est pr?te. Vous pouvez t?l?charger son programme d'installation ? l'adresse :

http://manuelsdaide.com, page Systeme > Optimisation & Maintenance


Bonne lecture


:) Hello everybody


My translation of CCleaner's help files is ready. You can download its install program on:

http://manuelsdaide.com, Systeme page > Optimisation & Maintenance



Good reading

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Let it go already!! You're making me count now. :lol:




Sorry, it was just a nuisance because I was on when he was doing it, and I'm getting all excited, cause I'm like "O look, a new post!", and then I read it, and I'm like "Damnit! It's the same thing as before!". X4. lol


I can't stand spammers. Grrr!

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