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Micheal Jackson


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He never grew up did he. Paul McCartneys description today, calling him a man/boy, but not in a detrimental way, pretty much summed him up.


Apart from his music, he took dance to levels that will never be bettered. A sad end.

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I wasn't one of those die-hard fans, but enjoyed his music nonetheless. All-time fave of course is Thriller. He definitely is a legend and he will be missed; and like others have said, his memory will live on through his music.

I'm here. What are your other two wishes?
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(22:25:34) Will Riley: "Michael Jackson was killed by the head of a vegas casino. It is clear when he backed out of his agreement in vegas, they did not take it to lightly. It just shows that the vegas underworld is still in control of everything. Michael jackson dead. Well some people are really happy and some people are going to break down and kill them selves. Michael Jacksons death will hopefully not go in vain. I hope the group who did this gets caught and opens the door on the vegas underground and how the killed michael jackson. It was clear Michael Jackson was murdered. Oh and by the way we are on a nuclear standoff with North Korea in case any of you Jackson Haters Have not been watching the "real News" (not the tv) and Dont have the smarts to google anything outside of the Tv news headlines. "


Nicole says: Sounds like Michael Jackson's heart couldn't just Beat It.
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@Andavari - Not my humor either, I simply enjoyed what both those people said, however I do believe that the issue with Korea does deserve /some/ media coverage.


Also, did anyone notice how butthurt all Ferrah Fawcett's fans were because Michael Jackson completely stole what would have been her tribute day?

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Well he's gone now, sad really.


I prefer to remember him at the height of his ''Thriller'' era.


The rest, kids etc, I don't want to remember.


Everyone finds it surprising that people are all shocked Michael died, and the fact that many people are mourning the world's loss. Mind you, some people are doing for fashionable reasons, I'm going to presume, and just play sad. We've all seen it done if we've ever had someone rather popular die. It's more of a social event then a time of mourning for some folk, and those people are the sick ones.


I agree, Michael should be remembered for the great things he did and not for what he was accused of. He was a curious person. That should be enough.

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