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CCleaner 2.21 OpenOffice 3.1 Cleaning Bug

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CCleaner 2.21's new OpenOffice 3.1 Cleaning support deletes the wrong file.

It deletes "Common.xcu", but this does not seem to be the right one to delete

as it "contains a lot of important user settings", according to a poster in the

following thread:




The right file to delete seems to be "Histories.xcu".


EDIT: This qualifies as a major bug, as deleting common.xcu will indeed cause

loads of preferences to get lost!


Please be more careful when adding new OpenOffice cleaning features

in the future - there have been mistakes related to deleting "important"

OpenOffice files / settings in the past already :(



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I confirm that the version of CCleaner 2.21.940 deletes the Common.xcu very important file that contains the user settings (Options> OpenOffice.org> ...)


The Recent Files and URLs are located in the file Histories.xcu can be cleaned with CCleaner safe.


It would be nice if the next version fixes this bug.


Thank you for your very excellent program that I recommend in the french forum of OOo.



Best regards,


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I can tell you that this bug is still current with Open Office 3.1.0 and the current version of CCleaner too.

If you more exact details.. I will be happy to provide them I do have the DXdiag program loaded.

I added a post on Open Office's site and was directed to this thread.






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Input an exclusion into CCleaner:

1. Start CCleaner.

2. Click Options->Exclude->Add File

3. Now browse to the file that needs to be excluded.

CCleaner will no longer delete that file!

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