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always new issues(registry)

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I'm using Win XP Pro (up to date) and just updated CCleaner to v. 2.21.940 a few minutes ago. I admit that I made a mess a couple of days ago and had to restore my system; I've also managed to avoid learning anything about the Registry in all these years.



I've gone back to removing programs one at a time and running CCleaner. But yesterday and today, I can't seem to clean the Registry completely. I've been running the Registry cleaner all day today -- about 15 times, and re-booting about as often. CCleaner keeps coming up with one item at a time to clean. And they mostly seem trivial -- sometimes even just shortcuts, toolbars, templates, and such. They almost all related to "access" (not sure whether that refers to the program or just the noun) and sometimes to "acro" which must be Acrobat. (I didn't uninstall either Acrobat or Access.) If I don't reboot, I may get a clean bill of health, but if I reboot, there'll be another, single, annoying issue.



I realize that I've got all of the options checked for Registry integrity. So, I'm surfing around for a better understanding of this. Some must mean real trouble/ system instability, and others not so much. If I understood that better, it would give me some peace of mind to manage my time. Any suggested reading? I tried the link to documentation at this site, but it's not working.



Second, while I'm not surprised to have to cycle through this process a couple of times (I'd done that in the past), is it reasonable for this to go on all day like this? Or is something wrong that I'm not even thinking about.



Many thanks,



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Addendum: I just ran through each Registry category one at a time. And I'm pretty convinced that all of my issues all day long were "Active X and Class" issues. Any advice or helpful hints about what might be going on?





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Since no one else had answered your post, I will share my small knowledge of registry cleaners with you - learned the hard way.


A sure way to eventually destroy your system or at least render it senseless is to blindly clean the registry. Even a program as gentle as CCleaner will cause you problems if you delete registry items without understanding exactly what they are. Many people NEVER run a registry cleaner. Nothing bad happens to them. I run CCleaner about 1x/mo. - after backing up the registry with ERUNT - choosing one item at a time. Then I dig through all the "suggestions" and delete only the ones I know are safe to delete. Since adopting this method I've had no problems with my system. Is my registry overlarge? Probably. So what? Computer is fast. Everything is working as it should.


Why are you running CCleaner all day? Why are you concerned about one item showing up?


My advice: Find something else to do with your time or you will be restoring your system once again - a nightmare I'm sure you don't want to repeat.

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