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Lenovo Flash HDD F310 Help Please


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My computer was getting a bit stuffed up so I backed up all of my files to my flash hard drive disk, the model of which can be found at http://www.timberlandsale.com/fashion-bout...enovo-f310.html , and then deleted all of the files from my computer. Now, when I plug it into my computer, nothing happens; on the My Computer interface I don't see anything appear. When I try with other flash drives, they all appear and work normally.


I've already looked up numerous solutions such as USBDeview and Hard Disk Low Level Format Setup from HDDGuru, but none of them register that my hard disk is actually plugged into my computer. I've also tried the 'manage' function of My Computer though to little fruition.


Please could someone help as I really want my stuff back!

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Is it hidden? *could be*

Probably you need some drivers from the flash hard disk?

See if its connected properly.

Connect it to your friend's PC, and check?


Restart your PC? Check your Power supply.

Simplicity is hard.

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I tried it, thanks, but the interface didn't show the drive. I had my C local disk drive and my D DVD drive. Its definitely connected properly, I've done it a million times, the thing even lights up on connection. I must have the drivers installed, because I've used it a lot to store and retrieve my files. I'm not quite sure what hidden is, but I guess that's a possibility? How would I work to cure that?

I tried it all again on another computer too, same results :(

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Why do you refer to the F310 as a "flash hard drive disk"? It appears to be a conventional 2.5" hard drive in a USB-connected external housing, not flash memory.


Since you said you tried another computer it's probably not your computer. That leaves two possibilities:

- If it's the controller that's gone bad, you could try removing the drive and running it through another controller. If it's still on warranty, take it in for servicing ... if you open the housing yourself, you'll void your warranty.

- If it's the drive itself, you're probably out of luck.

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