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Defraggler v1.11

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We've made some noticeable changes to how Defraggler operates - some fun, some important.


Large Files and Free Space Defrag


First, if you use Defraggler to defragment your free space, you can now tell it to leave large files alone while doing that.


Why? When Defraggler defrags the free space on your drive, it does so to optimize the free space -- and it may end up moving large files around in the process. If you've used Defraggler previously to optimize the drive by setting it to move large files to the end of it, your optimizations may be undone.


The solution is to let Defraggler know you don't want it to move large files during free space defragmentation. Here's how:


1. In Defraggler, click Settings, and then click Options.

2. On the Options dialog box, click the Defrag tab.

3. Be sure the Move large files to the end of drive during whole drive defrag is selected.

4. Select Do not move 'Large Files' during Defrag Freespace.

5. Click OK.

Download Defraggler now!


Custom colors - for the Picasso in you


If you'd like to change the colors Defraggler uses in its drive map, we've added a feature that makes it possible. You can now set custom colors for each type of sector (small box) displayed in the Drive Map.


To set custom colors for the Drive Map:


1. In Defraggler, click Settings, and then click Options.

2. On the General tab, select Use custom drive map colors, and then click Edit.

3. To change a color, click the color box next to the item and select a new color. To reset the color to its default setting, click the color box, and then click Default.

4. Click Save.

Download Defraggler now!


Here's the full list of changes:


  • Added custom drive map colors (Options > General > Interface).
  • Fixed schedules for multiple drives.
  • Fragmented info is now displayed in df.exe.
  • 'Large files' can now be excluded from freespace defrag (Options > Defrag > Advanced).
  • Improvements to the way crash data is collected.
  • Various minor UI tweaks.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.



Download Defraggler v1.11 today at www.defraggler.com. Want to keep current on all new releases? Sign up for the Piriform newsletter while you're there.


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Good :)


...Small UI bug : When the "Use custom drive map colors" string is too long, the Edit button is badly placed :



Another bug : There is no way to change the "More Colors..." string (the one in drive map colors edit window) in translations.

Piriform French translator

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