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Ccleaner Scanning and Blue Screen

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Hello, I?m Alan from Argentina Buenos Aires. My english is very poor.



I put Ccleaner for scan a PC for delete temporal files. and Boom.


Blue Screen on Windows XP SP2.


My version of CCLEANER is 2.19.901







STOP: 0X00000019 (0X00000020, 0XE1088CCF, 0XE10894EF, 0X0D0402E2)



I hope they can use for Fix.





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Hope This Helps.


BSOD the Solution:


Did you install Service Pack 2? Are you now suffering from the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?. Here is the solution. I have spent 4 days hunting down the cause of my machine crashing and have finally cracked it. Maybe other people have a different cause than mine so my solution may not work for everyone.


After installing SP2 I suffered many crashes. In particular the Screen would turn blue and display a message starting "Bad_Pool_Header". And ending with STOP: 0X000000019....


Then my four day hunt for the cause started.


BSOD Solution

Basically I found two causes of the BSOD.

Cause 1: Corrupted file or folder.

Cause 2: Microsoft Indexing Service


Possibly these two causes are linked.


Solution for Cause 1

Onen up Explore (right click the start button), and expand your directory tree, starting from the C: drive. Click on each folder in turn and see if any cause the BSOD to appear. If so, reboot, and simply attempt to copy the folder, and then delete it.


Solution for Cause No 2

Switch off Microsoft's indexing service. You can do this by clicking the start button, select "Run", then type "msconfig", then select the "Services" TAB, scroll down to the Indexing Service and Switch it off. Reboot your computer, and good luck - maybe it will work, It solved the problem for me.


At first I thought I must have a third party software or hardware conflicting with SP2, but even after I had disconnected the internet, switched off all items in the startup TAB of msconfig, was still getting the BSOD. I tried surface scans, chkdsk, scan disk etc all to no avail. I tried defragmenting the disk, but the frequent crashes may have made things worse.


I discovered the computer was now crashing after about 7.5 minutes of being switched on. It did not matter whether anyone logged in or not.


Finally I went to msconfig (Start Run, MSCONFIG) and switched off "process System.ini files, Load System files, Load Startup Items. And the comuter stopped crashing. So then I added the item back one by one until I discovered the Microsoft Corporation Indexing Service which was causing the crash. I switched it off and switched everything else back on and AT LAST... No more BSOD.



This is the best I could find.

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Please Update your OS via Windows Update ASAP (If not done already) Installing Latest Service Packs help too. AND latest CCleaner versions :)

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By any chance do you have Windows Live Messenger? If so this could cause the BAD_POOL_HEADER stop message.


To solve: Open Windows Live Messenger click Tools>Options. Scroll down to Sharing Folders on the left side

of window then uncheck box under Sharing Folders in the right side of window, click apply and ok. Then go

to Start>Run, type services.msc. When the Services dialog box opens scroll down to Messenger Sharing Folders

USN Journal Reader service double click on it and disable it.

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