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Alcatel Speedtouch PCI ADSL Modem hanging up

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I have recently received my new adsl pci modem from here I've installed the drivers that were recommended by other people who have also bought the same card. Yet it keeps hanging up i was just downloading the GT Legends demo from 3d gamers and while it was downloading i went out got back 10Min later and i have no connection. The idle time before hanging up option is set to never yet it does, any help would be great cheers.

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Had a couple more thoughts-


Have you checked for an IRQ conflict? You can check in Device Manager by clicking on View and then Resources By Type.


Is your old modem completely uninstalled? I found out the hard way you have to delete the old modem in both Device Manager AND Phone and Modem Settings in Control Panel.


I read somewhere that if your power supply is marginal it can cause the modem to disconnect when another device powers up. This doesn't seem to apply in your case.


Also saw somewhere that this can be caused by an application or service trying to access the modem, such as e-mail set to send and receive on a fixed achedule.


Did the modem come with an installation CD? Apparently it includes a diagnostic program.


Could your ISP be timing you out? Obviously this probably isn't it since it happens while you're downloading, and didn't happen with the old modem. Netzero sometimes disconnects me even when I'm doing something online, but I'm pretty sure that's a Netzero issue.


Could the modem itself be defective? Unlikely, but not unheard of. I found this out the hard way as well.


Finally, have you tried carefully removing the modem, throwing it against the wall and then jumping up and down on it 10 or 20 times? Won't help the connection issue but may make you feel better, at least for a couple minutes or so.


I realize you've probably considered all these issues and ruled them out, but just in case you haven't I thought I'd mention them.


Best of luck to you...

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I've just got one of these and also cant get it to connect to my 1MB line :( ...the instructions arnt that helpful either.


also...can I varify that this is for proper broadband and not for ISDN??.....cus in one of the menus for the modem it says ISDN channel which is strange? and its got options for 64k digital and some others??

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