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Can't run from USB at work

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The Advanced Usage → Running Defraggler from a USB drive page reads:


You can install Defraggler to and run it from a USB drive.


Why would you use this? If you want to take Defraggler with you to defrag other computers, this can come in very handy. For example, if your work PC doesn't allow you to install new software, you can simply run Defraggler from a USB drive. Or, if you want to help out a friend by defragging his PC, you can bring over Defraggler without having to install anything on his computer.


Problem here is that I can open Defraggler but cannot run neither its Analyze nor its Defrag feature. I get this error message:


Process aborted due to: Access denied.


How can I overcome this lack of administrative rights, if there is a way?

Desktop: Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit - Intel Core i7 - 12 GB RAM

Laptop 1 (me): Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit - Intel Core i5 - 6 GB RAM

Laptop 2 (wife): Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit - Intel Celeron Dual Core 1007U - 4 GB RAM

Laptop 3 (daughter): Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit - Intel Dual Core - 4 GB RAM

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Well, that's a Windows Permissions problem. The only real way I can think of to do this is to run the application as an Administrator, but you would need to be able to log into that account. Unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to run the application on your work machine (As well as many other programs really). I would contact your network administrator and see if they would be interested in putting Defraggler on their machines.

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