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Question about flashdrive reformatting and data recovery


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I have a flash drive that is found by Windows and if using Linux only shows up in the devices. It is identified by both operating systems as a US Best USB2 flash storage device.


I believe what happened is that I was trying to load a PDF file that was too large and had exit out of the program. Somehow, something became corrupted. It indicate 0 bytes available even though it is a 2GB flash drive.


I did not delete or do anything else to the flashdrive.


Is it possible to reformat the flash drive and then recover data?

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I would try to use Recuva on it. Do a deep scan with it and try to pull your files off of it. It will be harder to recover the drive once you format it.




I tried that. Since Recuva is beholden to the OS, it will not allow me to access the card for scanning or anything else for that matter.


I select the usb drive and press scan. 'Scan in progress briefly flashes' and then it says 'the parameter is incorrect'.


I was wonder if there some linux/bash tricks to do this.

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