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Will we ever get a version that works through proxy?


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I have been trying to get an issue fixed since December that appears to be something that could be fixed relatively easily if someone cared to look at it that could actually make changes. The issue is that on first run of defraggler, if the computer being used is connected to the internet via proxy Defraggler will crash leaving no exception.txt file and will not work. If you unplug from the network or disable connections it will give an error that no internet connection found and then will work perfectly fine after clicking OK. This is only a work around. I have PM'd any Admin and bug fixer accounts I could find and have requested atleast acknowledgement that they read my PM's. Noone ever responds or updates or states they are looking into it.................nothing. It is such a shame too because I love the products that they create and I got a sense that they wanted to actually make the program better and better as time went on when I started using it. Maybe someday they will decide that people willing to help them test and submit issues that could affect a large group of users should be viewed and treated as an important part of building a superior product. At this point I don't expect anything less than a ridiculous amount of reads, some people with the same issue thanking me for speaking out, and...................................no response or comments from anyone who CAN help......exactly the way it's been for so many months.



Frustrated that a simple acknowledgement is unquestionable,



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We have been looking into this issue and have not yet found the cause. Can anyone else recreate this?




Yeah, I get it too with v1.10.143 on WinXP SP3, fully patched. This is the reason I was on the forum in the first place. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, error still occurs.


Although Windows reports the app as having crashed, once you move that Window aside (do not close), you can then select Settings | Options menu and uncheck "Automatically check for updates to Defraggler" and hit OK. Subsequent app launches are successful, proving this is the problem functionality. My employer user some Sophos product on our company's proxy server.

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So all we need from the developers is a new option in the installer to disable update-checking,

defaulted to 'not disable' with a clear warning that this may be advisable in some corporate environments.

In addition, make the option only appear if "upgrading" - in this case re-installing.

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