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Congratulations and thanks for a superior tool.


As far as I can tell CCleaner doesn't register its version during installation.


I user RevoUninstaller to remove software. Normally it shows the version of an installed piece of software: with CCleaner, there is no version listed.


I also use (in a test mode) SpiceWorks as a hardware/software inventory assistant. It as well normally shows the version of an installed piece of software. Again CCleaner does not expose its version to SpiceWorks.


I've looked at HKLM\software\CCleaner and the only subkey shown is UpdateCheck.


I consider version a necessary piece of information for software management.


I use a simple batch file to examine the size of the CCleaner executive on each of my computers hard drive to determine the version. It's a brute force kind of routine but it works.


I would certainly appreciate it if CCleaner could be modified to register its version during installation.


Thank you,


Ron Lawrence :-)

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