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Ccleaner runs but doesnt seem to work


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I have been using CCleaner for some months now and find it simple and easy to use. I have come across a problem I have not found in the forum yet.

On some machines, which seems to be 98, ME and yesturday WIN2000 Pro, I installed CCleaner and started to run it. It went through the motions but seemed to be taking a long time (22mins). The hard drive light was flickering and running programs showed CCleaner as a running program so it had not broke.


After a few more mins I decided to stop it where it revealed only 3.2mb of rubish data. I rwestarted system and restarted CCleaner. This time only selecting internet explorer items...this did the same thing, lots of activity and 1-2mb of data found.


restarted same again....


now next I restarted and did each sub component of internet explorer which seemed to work.


Could this be a VB update issue ?


Has anyone else had the same happen to them ? I have found workarounds but I would really prefer to understand why it happens.


Many thanks

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You could uninstall CCleaner then reboot, then install CCleaner, and then reboot again to see if it works properly after that. That routine seems to correct some problems some people have experienced.

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