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Automatic login no longer works

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After running CC Cleaner, the "auto login" feature (the feature that allows automatic login to email clients for two weeks without manually loggin in) does not function, so I'm having to login everytime I visit any of my email clients/providers. What setting is wrong and how do I keep this from happening every time I run CC Cleaner?

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Hi miklladnar, and welcome to Piriform.


You don't mention which email you use, but the info here should help.





I use Ymail, gmail and hotmail. I tried your fix, but I still have to login to all of my email clients each time. Also, I noticed that all of the different websites I visit regularly and have automatic login, also now require me to login every time. Is there a setting in I.E.8 that allows password storage or a service that controls saving passwords, etc.? I'm stumped!

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In IE8 > Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing history is 'Delete browsing history on exit' enabled?


If so, going one step further to Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing history > Delete..., do you have Cookies or Passwords selected?


EDIT: The "Delete..." button with three trailing dots will not delete anything, it (rather than the "Settings" button next to it) leads to the Delete Browsing History settings page where the real "Delete" button resides. If you have the wrong settings, it's possible that IE8 (not CCleaner) may be deleting your cookies.

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I don't have that problem at all with mine. Never lose login details for any of my email accounts or any of the other sites I use, Image Hosting etc.


Are the cookies being deleted even though you have them in the "Cookies To Keep" window?

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