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MMACEPrev.exe has stopped working - ATI

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Since a long time when I use the RegCleaner (in CCleaner) always the same mistake: 'MMACEPrev.exe has stopped working' when I click on 'Basic Quality'.

I tried it with several installations; it only happens with the x64 versions of Vista and Win7 with ATI Cards => CCC.


See the attachment!


Many THX



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Hi Bodyguard and welcome to Piriform.


I've found by researching that this fault can be a reasonably common one when selecting that particular option.


But I've also found a post on an AMD forum where the cause could be CCleaner removing a registry entry, and the fix obviously is to add this reg entry to CCleaners "Exclude" list ... CCleaner\Options\Exclude\Add Registry.


in using ccleaner to scan for registry isolates, a key appeared: c4.cccc.com, whose data is also the same. by "fixing" it, the problems surfaced. by adding the entry to the scan exclude list, the problems have not resurfaced for my machine.



You don't say whether you fixed the problem, but if you have, look for a similar entry when you do a CCleaner "Issues" scan.


Hope that helps.

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