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FYI , I do have the lastest ver of CCleaner installed ,my PC a Dell XPS400 2.8GHz Dual Core Processor 3G.B. DDR RAM, the H.D. a Samsung 250G.B. 7200rpm H.D 8M.B. Cache ,ATI Graphics card PCI-E 128M.B. Mem ,ATI TV Tuner Elite PCI , also a 300G.B. Seagate FreeAgent Desktop Externial H.D. O/S/ Windows XP Pro SP2 MCE2005

Anyway I noticed when I run the CCleaner after logging off the internet that the same registry keys (2 of them ) reappear everytime ? Should I just leave these in place instead of running the cleaner to delete them or go ahead and delete them everytime ? They seem to be related to Outlook Express, usally nothing new appears unless I've installed or uninstalled a program and so far the registry cleaner has never caused me any trouble with my installed apps ,something I was worried about as Iam with any registry cleaner. I think CCleaner is a great piece of freeware ,and my hats off to those who used their precious time to create a great app like this for others to use at no charge !

Thank You ,Nick

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