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Script to Delete files from all profiles

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I wrote an AutoIT script that will parse the profile directory and add lines in the CCleaner.ini file to delete "temp" and "temporary internet files"


This is then just a job that is run in Altiris regardless if users are logged in or out. I also have it deleting CCleaner off the machine after so I don't have to leave it there.


#include <File.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

Global $count

FileCopy('\\YOURSHARE\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe', @SystemDir & '\CCleaner.exe', 1)

FileCopy('\\YOURSHARE\CCleaner\portable.dat', @SystemDir & '\portable.dat', 1)

FileCopy('\\YOURSHARE\CCleaner\ccleaner.ini', @SystemDir & '\ccleaner.ini', 1)


;~ Check for docs and settings for profiles

$uList = _FileListToArray('C:\Documents and Settings')

If @error = 1 Then




For $i = 1 To $uList[0]


If $uList[$i] = "All Users" Or $uList[$i] = "Default User" Or $uList[$i] = "LocalService" Or $uList[$i] = "NetworkService" Then



IniWrite(@SystemDir & '\ccleaner.ini', 'Options', 'Include' & $count, 'PATH|C:\Documents and Settings\' & $uList[$i] & '\Local Settings\Temp\|*.*')


IniWrite(@SystemDir & '\ccleaner.ini', 'Options', 'Include' & $count, 'PATH|C:\Documents and Settings\' & $uList[$i] & '\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\|*.*')





$count = 0


RunWait(@SystemDir & '\CCleaner.exe')

FileDelete(@SystemDir & '\CCleaner.exe')

FileDelete(@SystemDir & '\portable.dat')

FileDelete(@SystemDir & '\ccleaner.ini')


Func _Count()

$count = $count + 1

EndFunc ;==>_Count

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