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Win98SE (Spanish) Temp Files on a Compaq

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I installed CCleaner (v1.22.142) on a Compaq Armada 1500c laptop with Win98SE in Spanish. It has a problem when I choose: Cleaner / Windows / System / Temporary Files.


It starts running (Progress Bar goes twice) and then it stops showing nothing. I mean, nothing appears on the right side of the screen, it is just blank and both buttons are available: ?Analyze? and ?Run Cleaner?. Program doesn?t crash, I can use it again choosing any other option (or combination of options) and always -at the end- it says ?ANALYSIS COMPLETE? and brings some data.


I already tested the rest of the options and all of them run without any problem. When I combine any option(s) with ?System / Temporary Files?, it happens the same: empty answer.


Hard disk has a Windows Directory, and a Windows/Temp subdirectory with a number of subdirectories and files with extensions: dmp, tmp, bmp, png, dat, html, etc.


Any idea what is going on?



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