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problems on windows NT 4.0 SP6a Workstation

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With the last version of CCleaner (2.20.920), in the default configuration

without any advanced option, pressing the 'Analyze' button, the program shows

several dialog report windows.


The dialog report windows show:


Window title: critical error

A critical error has occurred in CCleaner, the application must now close.

Error description:


Unknown Exception


CCleaner v2.20.920

MS Windows NT SP6



After this the program is still running and with the dialog report windows

open one can also press the 'Run Cleaner' button. The program shows

again several new dialog report windows with the same message as

reported above, but is correctly doing the cleaning.


Once I choose any advanced option the program after showing

many of those dialog report windows described above is shutting

down automatically on its own.


The target system is

Compaq Deskpro with MS NT V.4.0 Workstation SP6a ENG


This is the first time that I'm using CCleaner on this computer.

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