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CCleaner v2.20


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CCleaner, as with all of our products, is designed to be easy-to-use. You've probably used software that's hard to work with, provides unclear options, or doesn't work consistently from one screen to the next. We have, and we don't like it.


Frequently we'll make some changes to the CCleaner user interface to make it easier to use. Those changes form the bulk of this release.


More right-click and CTRL-click action:


You can now right-click an item in the Registry Integrity list (for example, MUI Cache) to have CCleaner scan just those types of Registry items.



In the main Cleaner section, you can click an item heading (for example, Internet Explorer) and select all sub-items, clear all sub-items, or restore the default.



You can now select multiple items in the Include, Exclude, and System Restore sections. To select multiple items, hold down the Control key and click each one.



We've made even more improvements which are listed below in the full change log:


CCleaner v2.20.920


  • Added support for Google Chrome recently closed tabs.
  • Disabled removal of most recent System restore point.
  • Fixed bug with Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View settings.
  • Improved uninstaller support for Windows 7.
  • Enhanced right-click menu options for Cleaner screen tree.
  • Added extra information under title for Options and Tools screens.
  • Added right-click menu to Registry screen tree.
  • Added support to multi-select items in Include, Exclude and System Restore screens.
  • Added language support for Estonian and Farsi.
  • Internal 64-bit improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Click here to visit the CCleaner.com site and to download

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Great I hope that now I could use the restore point feature!


Update: I still see it as a white and plain feature... nothing appers there... maybe is an issue with my path cause I am using a Windows Vista SP2 in Spanish...


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