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Mozilla Firefox and Security Program Compatibility

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I entered this post in a Computer Forum and got very little in reply. Plenty of praise for FF, but no interest or expertise regarding security system compatibility. So much for the experts. What do the Piriform wizards think ?

Is there any more enthusiasm for a technical matter in our family ?


Mozilla Firefox and AV/Anti-Malware

I have raised points elsewhere leading to a substantial support for the benefits of Firefox as against IE8, so decided to try it. Nine months ago when I first tried FF, it was a disaster and I quickly dumped it.

Must have had a messy download for some reason.


I downloaded FF from the Mozilla site using Safe Mode + Networking. Absolutely no problems and it works like a dream. I have only had it for a few days, but after playing around with it, I am sure it is going to be just fine. I like it.


My security is covered by ;-

COMODO IS version 3.9.95478.509 ; Real time protection.

AVG version 8.5.339 ; Real time protection.

Spyware Terminator version ; Real time protection.

Spybot version 1.6.2 ; Real time protection.

SpywareBlaster version 4.2 ; Ambush predator.


All these are updated every day. Some on auto, some manual.

Not all these programs are loaded at the same time, I select them accordingly.


With FF I can see no evidence of ST, AVG or Spybot being active at all.

In the case of AVG, the Safe-Search icons placed against every website on IE are missing with FF, thus SS is not active. Probably neither is the Link Scanner. Both of these I consider vital to safe surfing.


COMODO IS has FF listed in the Firewall and Defense files and the task bar icon seems to show it is active with FF by changing color on detection surveillance.


SWB has a check box for FF so when checked it is active with FF.

AVG, Spybot and ST do not show any signs of being active with FF.




I am asking all those who have used FF extensively ;-

Why are the popular security programs listed above not active with FF except COMODO IS and SWB ?

I consider website markers essential, AVG, Crawler and McAfee Site Advisor do this on IE, but nothing on FF.


If all these security programs are not compatible with FF, then although it looks an extremely attractive browser, I will have to dump it yet again. I cannot walk naked like Little Red Riding Hood into bandit territory just hugging a Teddy Bear.




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The fact that you had to download firefox in safe mode to get it to work means that something on your pc isn't right. Are you getting corrupted downloads a lot in normal mode?


Now to firefox:

AVG should work fine with firefox. Go to tools>add ons and see if you see avg listed as disabled in there.

If not you may have to ask on the avg forum how to get it to work, or just do a reinstall.


Siteadvisor works fine with firefox you just have to download it again from their site. Spybots immunize works with all browsers.

Spyware Terminator is junky and I would dump it for a real time scanner like Malware Bytes or Superantispyware. (you already are covered from spyware by avg)

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