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Deleting Application Issues

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Hi, when I "scan for issues" I get the following:


Problems /Open w/Application Issues(6)


Data /(6) Wordpad.exe\shell, Ad-Aware.exe\shell, AVGW.exe\shell,

ZClient.exe\shell, PCDr32.exe\shell, UWCSMenu.exe\shell


RegKey(6) HKCR\Application\(program)


Ok to delete these? I've searched around, but found no answer. Also been reading how safe this program is.


Thanks RegKey


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I would have to say this is the safest, fastest and most reliable Reg Scanner there is out there.


If you are worried about this, you can easily make a backup just incase...which will easily restore what has been deleted if for any reason something should happen.


I use CCleaner all the time and have been using it for over a year now. This program has never once caused a problem on my pc after using either the cleaner or the reg scanner and I don't even really think it will wreck my pc or cause any problems when I'm using it.


CCleaner has made the issues scanner really safe to use, you may not pick up as much as other reg scanners but you know whatever it says is a problem....its a problem.


I wouldn't worry about it but if you still do the backup option is still in mind.




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