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There is a Firefox extension that can easily be bounced to FF 3.5 beta 4. But that is not what I'm talking about.


I have CCleaner set up to do either a full menu job or else a silent quick clean. The silent one requires merely one keystroke, and I can access it from anywhere.


Not good enough. :P


What I find myself doing, EVERY time I come off Firefox, is pressing that single keystroke. Sometimes that is the only reason I've come off the browser, just to do that.


Okay, so CCleaner can be set to do an automatic clean when Windows starts; no key-pressing at at. I WOULD REALLY LIKE THAT as a totally automatic option available to set up just ONCE, when I was installing CCleaner, so that EVERY time I came off Firefox, CCleaner TOTALLY automatically cleaned things out.


VERY cool.


(Of course it cannot be done as a Firefox extension, as the browser has to be shut down before CCleaner comes into play. That was the trouble with the Click&Clean Firefox extension. You can't use any FF extension for CCleaner because they are mutually exclusive, and that extension required that single keystroke.)


Thanks for thinking about this, CCleaner guys. I'd like to be able to set this AS WELL AS your existing totally automatic tweaks. I run CCleaner probably 10 times a day; maybe more. If anyone thinks that's overkill, I have a beautifully smooth, very big, very complex system. No viruses; no snags. CCleaner plays its roll. <_<

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I run CCleaner probably 10 times a day; maybe more.

That's probably what I do as well. Although for some it may be overkill however we each have our own needs.


As for forcing CC to run immediately after Firefox or other browsers after they're exited I don't know how it would be done and is a question for the development team - and they do look at the discussion topics therefore they'll see this one.

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