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Louis Roels

Defraggler and "defrag C: -b"

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Hello, I've never had serious problems with Defraggler, so I never posted before.

I do frequent these Piriform forums since about 2 years though.


Still no problems but there is something I noticed. (Might be a long intro...)


About 2 months ago I reinstalled Windows XP, this time including SP3 and making disk images between the various stages of installing and outfitting the system the way I wanted it. Everything worked perfectly, except for some minor Prefetch related issue (layout.ini was never updated).


Turned out that it was a setting in TweakUI - 'Optimize HD when idle', which was unchecked.

During my online search for this, I also read about defragmenting the boot files (according to layout.ini, I believe).


When I did this after a full defrag with Defraggler, rebooted and analyzed with Defraggler it seemed that the 'defrag c: -b' command fragmented many files. I did a full defrag with Defraggler again and noticed that many files where scattered in the MFT zone, from which Defraggler took them and put them where they belonged.


I tried this again yesterday and today, to be sure it wasn't a one-time occurence. Do Defraggler and that command have radically different views on how to treat files or do they clash on this subject?


I'm fine with possible recommendations to never use 'defrag c: -b' again, maybe Defraggler will one day have this feature anyway...

Just thought it strange, Windows' own defrag command dumping files and file fragments in the MFT zone.

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