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Should I switch to Avast?


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It's personal choice. If you have something that works really well for you, you can regret making a change and finding out that the new software doesn't play well with your system.


Not an easy decision really.


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I can tell you it's not easy. I think I'm going to switch though. I don't want to keep paying every 6 months to renew my license. Plus Avast seems to be an excellent AV from all the great reviews I've heard about it. Well, off to download Avast now! :)


Plus, Nod32 seems to be using a lot of memory. About 50 megs when it's running normally. Even though memory usage isn't a problem for me, I still like problems that don't use that much memory. Avast seems to be perfect.


Whoa I just installed Avast and restarted my PC a few minutes ago, and bootup time and the time it takes for everything to fully load is a lot faster now. I'm not sure, but my internet speed seems faster too. This is a + for me.

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