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Erase tracks?


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I am very new to CCleaner. I really like the software (fast, free, frees up a lot of space that has been cluttered up). I have a newbie question. How thoroughly are the files deleted?

Are the directory entries deleted or are the files themselves actually overwritten with random characters?

Thank you very much for the help to this newbie. :lol:

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Your question is a commonly asked and requested feature currently CCleaner only delete files the standard way i.e. no secure deletion but so many people request that feature including me that I'm sure its only a matter of time till MrG implements it in a future release. If you do wish to delete files securely you can use Eraser which delete files several time using a method which you can select from 4 and can be run via the right click context menu to erase the contents of the recycling bin or any other file and or folder.

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