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"Windows Size/Location Cache" bug?


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Hi everyone,

Hi Piriform CCleaner bug-busting team,


I would like to mention a possible bug in CCleaner.

I don't know if it's a known bug.


A week ago, April 14, I posted in the pinned topic "CCleaner Bug Reporting".

I mentioned I wasn't sure if I should post in that topic or open a new topic.

As I got no replies, I'll now open this new topic.



I use CCleaner since Februari 2008, but since a few months, since about the last four new CCleaner updates, let's say since about November 2008, there's something different.


I use Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, 32 bits.

My current version for CCleaner is v2.18.878, the newest version, of course.


In CCleaner I don't check the box for "Windows Size/Location Cache", I don't want that cleaned,

but it seems like CCleaner cleans this nevertheless.

Or maybe it's something else that happens?

Whatever the exact cause, the consequence is that when I use CCleaner, Windows Explorer's view-settings are being been reset, and also window sizes for several Windows features (like for instance Windows Update and Windows Configuration Center) are being reset to standard windows, while I like to open those as Maximized.


This happens when I use CCleaner,

and this is happening since a few months, since about the last four new updates, since about November 2008.


It looks to me as if CCleaner cleans the Windows Size/Location Cache even when this option is un-checked.


This is rather annoying, of course, if one doesn't intend resetting these Windows Explorer view settings and window size settings.



Is this a know bug, or something new?


It would be wonderful if this bug could be located, and if it could be fixed in the next CCleaner version.


Thanks very much.




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I have a Windows problem which is in some point related to yours. I ask in this board because I think some developers here may know how to help. So here is my problem :


I pinned on the "new WinXP style" Start Menu three folders. Right after Windows installation, they work just fine. But after several weeks of use, two of the folders don't remember their size settings. This is very annoying as I like to use very small windows (list view style). I have two Windows installations, which behave differently : the first one forget the windows size approx. at each reboot. The second one is even more annoying : it forget windows size without rebooting, just after a few hours. I navigate through a lot of folders, so some cache may be fullfiled, and Start Menu pinned folders might behave not correctly with that cache. I already tried some tricks found on internet, like "close window by clicking on "X" holding Ctrl pressed", but nothing helps.


Since windows' size remembering system appears to be very complicated, I ask for help here, if anyone could help me it will be very nice.





OS : Windows XP Pro SP3

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Indeed a very good find with the fix it proposed by Microsoft. In my case it isn't because my Windows isn't up to date nor is it a CCleaner issue for me at all since Windows XP SP3 itself has been driving me insane by changing the view I prefer of folders.

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just created the 2 entries to switch my XP from 400 to 5000 (decimal values)

it is said XP SP2+ is 5000 by default, but I'm not sure the setting was really effective...


also purged current cache by deleting the 4 reg keys


my problem seems to be corrected :) indeed this one was *really* annoying me



more about CCleaner itself,

you can notice Microsoft, when switching to Vista, have made some completely erroneous mixing of old and new registry locations...





edit : ah, 400 (or 5000) is in fact 200 local views + 200 network views... I'm currently searching for the max allowed value. some tweaking-related sites say 8000, other 10000, but I don't really rely of these sources. 5000 is safe as it is given by microsoft

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I found some interesting infos here and more particularly here

Thank you very much, OuT.


So, it's not a CCleaner bug after all, but a Windows issue. Well, I should've known. :P

I understand the XP Service Pack 3(?) should've fixed this problem, but Vista SP1 did not.

Has anyone noticed if Vista SP2 fixed this Windows issue? (I'm waiting for Vista SP2 for the non-English versions.) I checked the list of SP2 fixes, but this particular 'Size/Location' bug doesn't seem to be fixed with Vista SP2. Darn.

I'll wait for SP2 anyway, and if it doesn't fix this issue, I suppose I'll apply the Vista workaround that is mentioned on Vistaforums, http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=23106.


Thanks again.




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in fact my problem was not related at all with CCleaner (however its option to delete windows size/location cache works, but didn't solve my problem)


and you are right, the tips I linked to should be considered as workarounds, not real fixes


unlike the prefetch cache, for example, the windows cache seems to not work on a LIFO way... once the cache is full, it cannot remember more windows settings (or, to be more exact, it is quite sporadic, random... in one word not very robust)

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unlike the prefetch cache, for example, the windows cache seems to not work on a LIFO way

That's so true. I'll see how long the workaround actually works on my XP SP3 system before adjusting the registry value manually.

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