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Deleting OLD deleted filenames


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This is a topic that appears often on blogs, forums, etc. How to get rid of those $#$#$@%!!! filenames from erased files. You can see them when you (or someone else) uses a file UNDELETE program and searches your drive in a quick mode or deep scan method..


Here's how I do it:


1. I wrote a prgram that creates about 1,000 files (1K to 2K) with random names, ASCII garbage as contents and 5 extensions: .JPG, .GIF, .TXT, .DAT .HTM etc. I dump these to folders that the offending filenames originally occupied. I then send them to the recycle bin in a normal fashion. For Internet use: yourname\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 directory and delete from Explorer. Repeat this a few times

2. Run your cleaner regularily.

3. Defragment regularily.


When you check for DELETED files, either no recoverable files exist and/or no filenames exist. I use the Restoration Undelete and the PC Tools File Recover to check but many others exist free or cheap. Normal computer use will also eventually overwrite the names but that takes a while.


WARNING: even "Shredding" files 3, 7 or even 35 times over doesn't delete the contents even after re-starting the computer (at least for me). Only wiping erases the contents (3 passes is sufficient). :rolleyes:

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