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File deleted?


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The last twice I used CC using the settings below, I found afterwards that I could not update Virus programs and other utility programs. But I could connect with IE. I had to use system restore to get it back. It must have deleted a necessary file but I don't know what.



Windows Cleaner: Temp internet files/cookies/delete Index.dat files

Temp files/Clipboard/memory dumps/chkdsk file fragments/win log files/old prefetch data


Reg Integrity: missing/shared dll's/unused file extensions/obsolete software/mui cache


Any one else had this?

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I'm not sure if this is what's going on with me. Ok, first, I have no idea on computers etc. I just installed this program because the radio show, Kim Komando suggested it. :)


So, I just ran the program (not my first time using this).


Now, for some reason, I'm not able to get into any of my yahoo mail (3) accounts. I just opened another account to see if it's the site or what, and I have no problem using the new email, but still can't get into my other 3 (business accounts too), emails!


Any help would be soooo appreciated!


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