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I have tried using CCleaner and other programs, even using Internet Explorer 7's own deleting web browser history and NOTHING works. A friend of mine was typing in the URL and a bunch of sites I previously visited came up, which I did NOT want him to see. They STILL come up even when I use several programs and deleting the web browser history and cashe in IE 7. What can I do to fix this? :angry:

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For CCleaner to remove IE's index.dat files which retain all the private stuff you'll need to restart Windows. Of course as soon as Windows does start up it will automatically recreate the index.dat files.


Unless of course you need to be logged onto your profile as an Admin.

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Hi erniemink, welcome to Piriform forums.


Make sure the box Recently Typed URLs is checked.


Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Recently Typed URLs.


Even after cleaning, when a URL is typed directly into the address bar IE will show any saved favorites.


Example: If someone types the letter "A" into the address bar, IE will show any saved favorites that start with "A".


AutoComplete can be turned off in Internet Explorer.


Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete, click Settings > Web addresses, clear the box and click OK.


This will prevent any Recently Typed URLs or Favorites from showing in the address bar.


I hope this helps.

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