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sign in process to complex


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create user name and password, check email, login, not recognized, case sensitive? try again, not recog, reset password, not recog, try again, not recog, reset another way, not recog, try again, relog fail, try again, reset again, not recog, over and over just to say the words "me too, anybody from piriform paying attention? please reply?" those words were added to the "wipe won't stop wiping" post.


there's probably a lot more people who just walk away without adding comments.


going through all these hoops for "control" is going out the window. many major sites are abandoning all this profile creation, "community" BS with various emails and logins and passwords and case sensitive blag blag blag to remember.


is it worth it? no.


it feels as archaic as microsoft in 1985. signin is like DOS. horrible. get rid of it.


just cut the crap and let people COMMENT. we're not supid, we're CCleaner users :)

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You have an excellent suite of freeware programs, CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva, and a group of volunteer helpers who give of their own time freely to provide as much help and advice as they can, and you gripe and complain because you are asked to register to make a comment.


And even that small contribution wasn't without a touch of attitude.


If you view registering here as, and I quote, profile creation, "community" BS", then I take it you don't intend doing anything more than passing through to air your feelings, and I think I can help you with that.

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and I think I can help you with that.




This is truly ludicrous. To register is the simplest thing in the world. You don't need to be computer literate, it takes seconds.


You obviously have nothing to say and thankfully we appear to have been spared the opportunity of you saying it.

It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. P. G. Wodehouse

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What's the matter with him? Basically all forums require you to go through a signup process before you can post, not a big deal. Plus it keeps the bots away, and I like that. So I guess then there's only two options: Live with it, or leave? :D

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