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Show Windows Shutdown Dialog instead of Shutting Down

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I would really like for Ccleaner to bring up the Windows Shutdown dialog instead of just shutting down when using the /SHUTDOWN argument. This way I can choose to either shutdown, restart of log off my machine. This feature has already been in Webroot's Window Washer for a while.

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People that want things automated would probably still want CC to just turn off their system. However it would be alright for non-automated shutdowns and perhaps should really have its very own unique switch to activate it, maybe /SHUTDOWN /PROMPT

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This could also be done with a /RESTART argument that could be used instead of /SHUTDOWN. If doing this, to make it complete, some users may also like a /STANDBY argument (as some users don't like to wait for the full boot time). This would be optimal because all the options would be available to the people who want it automated.


Of course, this would eliminate one advantage of the menu, that being the real-time selection. This advantage could be better leveraged with a custom menu for a /SDPROMPT option that would allow you to select which option before it runs so that you can then just walk away, giving you the advantages of both options (although slightly more time-consuming to implement).

Honestly though, I see little need for the real-time selection if the options are available by command line, the only exception being a computer savvy person setting up a batch file to do it for a not-so savvy person.


Call me a feature creep, but I also see why a user may also want the option of logging off, or switching users. This could be added to the custom menu or command line parameters easily, but not to the windows default Shutdown dialog.


None of these options should be difficult to implement, but I do think that the additional shutdown options would be a useful addition to the utility.

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Basically what needs to be changed from the code is replacing the automatic shutdown code with this one:

rundll32.exe msgina,ShellShutdownDialog



If you want to test it out, type that into Start > Run. It should bring up the Windows shutdown dialog.

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