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Where is the file exclude list?

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Hi everyone, I saw that in the last release Defraggler added the much requested "Exclude this file" list. I can't figure out how to exclude a file though. Anyone interested in directing this nitwit to a feature that I'm really excited about? Pleeeeeeeease?



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And where you have seen it on a site? I can not find... How much I know, such possibility is not present and, in my opinion, it is not necessary!


Well, I was pretty sure that it was in the release notes for one of the recent releases, maybe I was wrong. It is a necessary feature however. Clearly you do not have large files, such as .vhd's, that you wouldn't want to move around constantly. Also, perhaps you're not familiar with forum etiquette, but exclamation points are considered rude.


Thanks for your response however, even though you don't seem to understand the feature.

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Forgive for offtopic, but not I am the beginnings...


Probably, I am not familiar with forum rules, but the common sense prompts that the use of one exclamation mark cannot be considered rough, and it is considered only abusing exclamation marks!

Best regards, Andrei Maksimov.

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Alright, we'll chalk it up to a language barrier, but it's not common to end sentences with exclamation marks just for the sake of doing so. Exclamation marks, similar to question marks and other forms of punctuation are used to convey meaning. The meaning conveyed by your statement, paired with your exclamation mark, was not a good one. Just take it as a friendly suggestion (If you wish to do so) that when using forums (Where users can only determine meaning from what YOU write {And punctuate}), it's best to limit use of exclamation marks as they generally convey argumentative, inflammatory, or angry statements. It will keep you from being misunderstood. I apologize if that was the case here and I jumped on you a bit.


Back to the exclude list, I can't find a mention of this now, and that makes me sad... :(


I sincerely hope that this feature gets included in an upcoming release, as it would be VERY handy... You definitely don't want to defrag a .vhd when it's in use... It sucks... lol

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Currently, a workaround would be as such:


Analyze drive

Switch to the file list

Check all files by checking the box in the header row

Locate the file(s) you don't want to move around (by sorting the files according to name, path or filesize)

Uncheck those

Press "Defrag checked"


However, you would have to do this procedure every time :-(

A distinct exclude-file feature would certainly make things easier.




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