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"Talk About" Problems occur after install of new Software

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A couple of members here and on other Forums i have seen complain about when after installing new software like IE8 or new updated versions of there Anti-Virus they tend to complain a lot about performance decreasing and system hanging or start-up times become slower. idk what causes this really. it's just something to talk about as the title says. i haven't had any issues yet with installing the updated version of IE8, Avira, or any other software. so please tell us your stories and the complaints that you have.

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I think there can be 2 types of slowdowns/conflicts when installing new software.


One is caused by something you already have on your system, and so the newcomer just doesn't get on with the residents. Some folk have so many things running at startup conflicts are bound to happen.


The other is caused by the new software being badly written and therefore causes problems for most users.


Trouble is learning to tell the difference, applying different types of troubleshooting can not only solve an issue but also teach you a lot about what goes on in your computer :)

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I think there can be 2 types . . .


Trouble is learning to tell the difference, . . . :)


A current example. I have A-Squared full version and Avast! antivirus. Both well reviewed and good at what they do. Noticed a while back the Avast! "simple user interface" screen wouldn't come on until the second time I started the scanner. But, process explorer showed that the avast scanner was running, flat out, twice. And there were other odd symptoms.


Eventually, the second scan would produce results, ie: find the EICAR test virus.


Being a not-very-tekkie, I had to experiment quite a bit, and eventually discovered that if I temporarily disabled A-Squared, the Avast! scanner ran normally. Well, who knew? :blink: I figured I had contracted some whiz-bang new virus.


But, as for learning to tell the difference, most people seem to just want to turn their computers on, use them, and turn them off. That's OK, probably a time limitation, but it makes them easy prey for net scoundrels. So what to do?

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