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Spybot Immunization + IE 8 = Disaster On WinXP SP3

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It seems Spybot 1.6.2 is causing massive problems with IE 8 final on Windows XP SP3 machines. Vista SP1 appears to be unaffected.


If you do a complete spybot immunize it causes massive problems for not just IE 8, but all applications, so it seems.


Please See:




Notice an IE MVP has replied and stated that reports are coming in about this, so I'm not alone.


In my case though, on all 3 computers I have tried this on, every single problem was caused because of spybot immunize only. Spyware blaster continues to work just fine.


But mainly it causes IE 8 to use 100% CPU for about 5 minutes when starting it. Same with trying to load the windows control panel and many applications.


If you try and download a file in firefox for example it too freezes because it starts using 100% CPU.


So if you undo spybot immunize then no more problem.


By the way IE 8 RC 1 does not have this problem.


Thank You,




Safer Networking Forums - http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?p=298983

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I haven't run Spybot S&D for ages so I'm not worried.

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