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Check out this freeware RTS game


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I found this really awesome RTS game a few days ago called Glest. It kinda reminds you of Warcraft, Empire Earth etc. It's got great graphics for a game of it's type, and it's FREE! I've been playing it for a few days now, and I think it's pretty fun! Check it out at: http://glest.org/en/index.php


It's under continuous development, and theres even mods for it, and you can make mods for it yourself.


I recommend this game to anyone who likes RTS games (like me).


There's also another very fun RTS game, but this is in the future. It's also got great graphics, and I suggest everyone to try it out, and this game is also under continuous development.


Check it out at: http://wz2100.net/



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