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Anyone tried those software(s)?


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I use antivir because I feel that it is the best free antivirus program with resident protection. When I want to do an on-demand scan I use BitDefender Free. The bitdefender product does not have any resident protection which is why I use it with AntiVir.


On the AV-comparative site Kaspersky it rated the higest. But Nod32 is also rated well.


If I wanted to buy an antivirus program I would get Kaspersky. But I feel that the combination of AntiVir for resident protection and BitDefender for on-demand is good enough. Then I also occasionaly scan with Ewido and a-squared. I feel that as far as virus and trojan protection that I am as protected as free can be.

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:D Hi yes winpatrol 9.7 beta very good works with everything else you have on your web site, like already mentioned will ask you before it does anything. :blink:



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I've tried both Webroot SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor....


Webroot SpySweeper is really good for my standards anyway(the only thing I don't like about it is that you get a small trial.(I like freeware too much)


Spyware Doctor is one of the best...it seems to pick up more spyware than others, is updated like everyday, and doesn't expire for like another 4 years

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